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02:43:21 Sun
Aug 10 2003

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Hi all, I'd like to first thank Dave for this great discussion board. An innovative tool to help with your businesses!

I'm Bec Mueller, and I am actually not a FRR distributor, but rather a resource for you all. I'm a webmaster, and have been working with the internet in web design, internet marketing and search engine optimization for over 9 years now.

I am pleased to say I'm also owned by two adorable dachshunds (Toffee you can see at the computer there, and Roscoe.) Both of which think they are "people" and LOVE thier nylabones! :biggrin:

I look forward to meeting many of you, and hopefully helping you as I can with your ventures into internet e-commerce!

Bec Mueller

05:33:00 Thu
Aug 14 2003

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Re: Introduction!

Hi Bec!

Cute dachshund! Thank you so much joining and sharing your e-commerce knowledge. Your experience will be a great asset.

Dave & Gail

22:37:19 Mon
Feb 23 2004

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Re: Introduction!

Hi! I look forward to sharing ideas. Our pet, Bailey, is the classic mutt. She is a lab, golden retriever and ??? mix. She is very loving and somewhat protective. I was very interested in her reaction to FRR food. Bailey has been a very picky eater. We have tried several different food, but none really seemed to catch her interest. Iams was probably her favorite of what we had tried. I bought a 10# bag to try. When we received the FRR food I took some in my hand and held it out to her. She smelled it and immediately started eating. We mix the FRR with the remainder of her other food and she started eating much better. It got to the point that she would nose the other food out of the way and eat the FRR food first. Bailey is now on FRR full-time and eating very well. She is much happier. I have given out several samples and found several people that are interested. We are looking forward to moving forward as a distributor.

Terry Kelly
St. Joseph, MO


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